Harry Potter doing Frankenstein


(Yeah, I know, that subject header gave me a nauseating mental image too. Apologies).

Having worked on a couple of stitched-together pieces in recent years, Daniel Radcliffe seems the perfect fit for his latest gig.

The “Harry Potter” and “Woman in Black” star will lower his over-sized eyebrows to play Igor in Fox’s new “Frankenstein” flick.

Paul McGuigan (“Lucky Number Slevin”), working from a Max ‘Chronicle’ Landis script, will direct the “tale of friendship and redemption” according to Variety.

Having screwed the pooch the last time around, Robert De Niro hasn’t been invited back to play the monster.

Radcliffe will make a perfect Igor, I’d think.

Still, as good as it all sounds, bear in mind this is Fox so it’s likely we’ll see a watered-down version this time around, and one that’ll completely muffle Radcliffe’s anticipated ‘Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Franka!’ when it’s uttered.