Duchovny talks X-Files 3


David Duchovny appeared, as jovial as ever, on The Tonight Show this week to talk about his watery sub-set thriller “Phantom” and reiterated his interest in doing a third “X-Files” movie. The “Californication” star said he would of course be onboard for a second sequel to “X-Files : Fight the Future” (and was quite enthusiastic about it) and made a suggestion to fans should they want to see the film come to fruition.

“We always want to. Chris Carter (Series Creator) and (co-star) Gillian Anderson and I, we’re always on board. You want to write Fox and get ’em going…, You could wheel me (out). I’ll play Fox Mulder forever.” says Duchovny.

I would like to add, as a rather enthusiastic ‘X-Files’ Fan (and then some) – that there have been several fan campaigns on the go for several years to try and get 20th Century Fox to take notice. If you are reading this Mr Duchovny, I’d like to direct you to XFilesNews.com and have a look at several campaigns that have been on the go for quite some time. The fans are loud. Very loud.

So guys, don’t think. Just pick up your pen, and make it happen. Write to 20th Century Fox!

Moviehole brought you the feature on the potential for X-Files 3 last month, including enthusiasm from Frank Spotnitz and Gillian Anderson.

Here’s DD speaking about XF3. Abbreviater out.

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