Raimi writing Evil Dead 4 this Summer


In news that will no doubt bring music to the ears of purists, Sam Raimi says he’s planning on bringing Bruce Campbell’s iconic horror hero ‘Ash’ back for a fourth “Evil Dead”.

….Yes, despite the fact a remake of the film is only weeks away from release!

Now, with that slightly more horror-centric “Evil Dead” remake, which Raimi produced, most assumed the filmmaker had abandoned his long-time plans to sequelize “Army of Darkness” (1993), the third in the “Evil Dead” series. Seems not. We might have two different “Evil Dead” franchises playing concurrently even.

According to Bleeding Cool, Raimi dropped the nugget at the London Press Conference for his new film “Oz : The Great & Powerful”, saying he’ll be working on a script for “Evil Dead 4” with brother Ivan Reitman over the Summer.

Groovy, right!?

He’s said it plenty of times before, but it’s still good to know Raimi hasn’t completely buried ‘Ash’, and his “Evil Dead” world, in favour of this new remake.