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Incredible new Iron Man 3 Trailer

Pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds

My producing partner use to clean Shane Black’s house about fifteen years ago.

How I wish, for my benefit, he’d kept his job. Chris could’ve continued forlornly mopping Black’s floors, while I got an introduction to the famed writer/director and, ideally, an early showing of “Iron Man 3” in the back-room. Surely you could’ve sucked it in and played ‘Rosalita’ for a further fifteen years, mate!?

“Iron Man 3” looks – and by all accounts, is – like it’ll be the highlight of that particular trilogy (though a fourth film will undoubtedly come together, Robert Downey Jr’s contract has now expired so Marvel will have to renegotiate with him) and one of the films to beat this year. This new trailer doesn’t offer up any of the delish Black (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, “Lethal Weapon”) style dialogue we usually expect from him, but it might be kept for the film itself; action-wise, it looks like this one is going to explode through the roof like John McClane in an ejector seat circa-“Die Hard 2” though.

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