Carrie Fisher confirms Leia’s back for Star Wars Episode 7


Princess Leia’s bringing her, erm, buns back to the rebel base.

Carrie Fisher has confirmed the worst kept secret in the Galaxy : She’s a lock for “Star Wars Episode 7”.

The actress and author confirmed her involvement with the Palm Beach Illustrated but didn’t go into details – heck, she didn’t say anything besides a “yes” in relation to the “So Princess, will we see you back in the Cantina come 2015?” question.

I’d say we’re only a few weeks away from having Lucasfilm officially announce Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford – he’s going to do it, don’t you worry – as reprising their roles for J.J Abram’s spacely sequel.

A couple of years back, I was at Comic Con and I remember looking at a very isolated, lonely autograph signing table. It was one for “Star Wars” and sitting there, without fan interruption, let alone anyone surrounding them at all, were the two icons themselves – Princess Leia and Darth Vader, or Ms Fisher and Dave Prowse. I couldn’t believe nobody was bothering these two, I mean, these are two of the most famous folks – or rather, they gave birth to two of the most famous faces in motion picture history – on Earth, and yet everyone was going crazy for a Wayans brother a table over. Naturally, being the big fan of the ‘Wars’ I am, I introduced myself and chatted to the duo but these two deserved a lot more than to hear only the whirling sounds of a desk fan. I relay this story because I’ve got a feeling things are about to get louder over on the ‘Star Wars’ signing table in the years to come, especially for Ms Fisher, since she’ll be back on the big screen, playing Jabba’s favourite toy.