Disney prepping Oz sequel


If Clint’s review is anything to go by, and if Disney’s projected takings for the opening weekend are accurate, there’s going to be a lot of people anticipating a sequel to this week’s “Oz : The Great & Powerful”.

With an $80 million dollar profit estimated for the weekend, Disney are already moving on a sequel.

Mitchell Kapner, who wrote the original with David Lindsay-Abaire, has reportedly (Variety has the news) been hired to write the follow-up to Sam Raimi’s fantasy blockbuster.

The “Wizard of Oz” books – there’s heaps of them! – are in the public domain, so Kapner and Disney are pretty much free to borrow from them whatever they like for the next movie, so they don’t necessarily even have to continue telling the story of ‘The Wizard’ (James Franco). Amongst some of the other “Wizard of Oz” stories in your local library, “The Emerald City of Oz” in which Dorothy and her uncle Henry and Aunt Em come to live in Oz permanently, “The Patchwork Girl of Oz”, which tells of a munchkin boy named Ojo who must find a spell to reverse a curse that’s turned his uncle into a statue, and “The Lost Princess of Oz”, in which Dorothy and The Wizard go in search of a Princes (Ozma) who has mysteriously disappeared.