Monster’s Avengers Assemble


These ‘famous faces teaming up to take on the world together’ movies are seemingly all the rage right now, thanks to the success of films like “The Expendables” – which united a who’s who of the action movie genre – and recently, “The Avengers” – which teamed Marvel Comics’ most famous superheroes (well, some of them, anyway) – so no surprise to hear that there’s more similar-themed projects on the way.

In addition to Warner’s “Justice League” movie, which will team DC Comics’ most famous protagonists, and a low-budget riff on “The Expendables” called “The B-Team”, which will team the most famous direct-to-video action stars of the ’80s and ’90s, there’s a horror film working with the same blueprint in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter says Chris Bender, J.S. Spink and Jake Weiner are teaming up with Ahmet Zappa to develop “Monster X”, a movie that will unite 10 famous movie monsters – Frankenstein, Dracula, Mr Hyde etc – as they go up “against an even greater threat to them all.”

It’s early days for the project, the Zappa co-written script still needs fleshing out, and the film doesn’t have a home yet (they’ll look for a buyer after the script is done) but this should be one worth keeping an eye out for – particularly if they can wrangle some big names to play the title characters.