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Cornish talks RoboCop, takes Klondike

Aussie actress on the blockbuster remake and her latest role, a mini-series for Discovery

Abbie Cornish, the Aussie beauty who survived “One Perfect Day” and “Horseplay” only to make it in Hollywood (winning starring spots in films like “Stop-Loss” and “Elizabeth : The Golden Age”), has a couple of big projects on the way.

First, she’s playing the robot’s wife – Ellen Murphy, widow of Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – in the remake of “RoboCop”.

She spoke briefly to VH1 about being part of the ambitious project.

“It’s gonna be a massively kick-ass film,” says Cornish. “…I actually have a voicemail message from Jose Padilha, the director. He says in the message, ‘I don’t think we’ve got a great movie. I think we’ve got a classic.'”

“RoboCop” should be a decent remake, if the cast is anything to go by – Samuel L.Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Jackie Earle Haley, among those in it.

Meanwhile, Deadline says Cornish has joined the cast of a new TV mini-series called “Klondike”, which “tells the story of six strangers and their collective fight for survival and wealth in a small, frontier town in the remote Klondike.”

Cornish joins Tim Blake Nelson, Ian Hart and Johnny Simmons, among others, in the Discovery Channel project.

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