Live-action 3D Beauty & the Beast next for Disney!?


After the success of “Oz : The Great & Powerful” and “Alice in Wonderland”, no surprise to hear Disney are planning to reimagine some more fairy tales for the big screen. After an “Alice” sequel, and the highly-anticipated ‘Sleeping Beauty’ spin-off, “Maleficent”, with Angelina Jolie playing the evil character, the company may turn their attention to “Beauty & The Beast”.

According to Deadline, Disney has tapped Joe Ahearne (“Trance”) to script a new 3D live-action adaptation of the classic fairytale.

Sounds like it’ll be a quite the departure from the early ’90s animated “Beauty & The Beast” :

Disney is calling this film The Beast, and considering the subject matter of Trance–an art auctioneer is pummeled so badly by his criminal cohorts that a hypnotherapist is needed to coax out the memories of where he hid a priceless painting–indicates that this revisionist take on Beauty and the Beast could be a bit on the dark side.

Very different!