Pattinson, Claflin, Booth & Irons circling Posh?


Robert Pattinson, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth, and Max Irons look to star in the film adaptation of Laura Wade’s play “Posh”, according to The Daily Mail.

The site reports :

Focusing on the fictional Riot Club, it explored an elite, refined world of privilege.

Posh opened at the Royal Court three years ago and later enjoyed a West End run. The film version is being directed by Lone Scherfig, who made An Education — the picture which helped to make Carey Mulligan a star.

The story takes place in the private dining room of a pub, where Riot Club members meet for one of their notorious dinners.

They trash the joint, and things go more than wrong when someone hires a prostitute.

Wade has adapted her play for the screen, opening it out so we learn more about the background of the young Tories who run the club as if they were running the country.

Scherfig, her casting director and producers from Blueprint, Film 4 and the BFI have discussed various actors they’d like to be involved.

They want Irons for a main part. He opens in a major film later this month called The Host. Claflin plays Finnick Odair in the next Hunger Games film Catching Fire.

Booth is in the forthcoming Romeo And Juliet, and he was a fine Pip in the BBC’s TV version of Great Expectations.

Pattinson is in very early discussions only. At the moment, he’s filming David Michod’s Outback western The Rover in Adelaide.

But when he finishes next week, the Posh script will be one of several he’ll be mulling over.

Part of the problem of assembling such a large ensemble — there are ten members of the Riot Club — is that at some point they all have to be seated around a table together; and getting schedules to match up is a complex undertaking.

The British press aren’t renowned for getting showbiz stories right, so don’t consider this anywhere near a certainty. Wait for one of the other trades to announce.