Fox rebooting Shogun, telling OJ Simpson Court Story


Fox are going all ambitious-like – nope, no “Firefly” renewal yet (and likely there never will be), but a reboot of ’80s classic “Shogun” and a telemovie based on the O.J Simpson trial might be enough to remind viewers there’s more to the network than Simpsons repeats.

Deadline says “Run of his Life : The People Vs OJ Simpson”, from Nina Jacobson (”The Hunger Games” franchise) and Brad Simpson (”World War Z”) and based on legal journalist Jeffrey Toobin’s best-selling book of the same name about the Simpson trial, will be penned by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. It’ll chronicle the dramas within the courthouse walls, when the football legend cum crook was up for murdering his wife and her lover.

“Shogun”, originally a novel before it was a flick, will be shepherded by Michael De Luca (”The Social Network”) and Nigel Williams (”Elizabeth I”), producers.

“These are both epic stories — one fiction, one fact — that have captivated millions of people worldwide,” said Fox’s Shana C. Waterman, SVP Event Series & Multi-Platform Programming. “They’re riveting and emotional, with unique historic backdrops that lend themselves to the high-quality, dramatic event series we’re looking to make.”