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Seth Rogen and James Franco may reunite for The Interview

Seth Rogen and James Franco may reunite for The Interview

Canadian comedy jack of all trades Seth Rogen (“The Pineapple Express”, “Knocked Up”) will direct, produce and star in the upcoming Columbia Pictures project “The Interview”.

Although talks to have him participate have not started, it is hoped that Rogen’s frequent co-star, James Franco (“Oz the Great and Powerful”, “The Pineapple Express”) is being eyed for a lead in the project. Both Rogen and Franco will be seen in the upcoming apocalyptic comedy “This Is The End” (opening in Cinemas June 14) which Rogen directed with collaborator, Evan Goldberg (“The Pineapple Express”, “Superbad”).

With the plot set to be about a talk show host (ideally played by Franco) and his producer (Rogen) finding themselves in a world of trouble after they become involved in a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Goldberg, who wrote The Interview screenplay with Rogen, also is onboard to direct and produce. The project is based on a story written by Goldberg, Rogen and Dan Sterling (“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”, “The Sarah Silverman Show”).”

Rogen’s next project is Universal Pictures comedy, “Townies”.

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