Latest Equalizer director : Antoine Fuqua


Twenty-fifth time’s the charm?

Sony’s “The Equalizer” loses directors as quick as Taylor Swift changes bed buddies. It’s already seen great white hopes like Nicolas Winding Refn and Rupert Wyatt come and go from the project – a feature adaptation of the classic series. Might Antoine Fuqua be the guy to make it happen!?

Deadline says it’s looking like a match. Should Fuqua commit, the project will reunite him with his “Training Day” star Denzel Washington, who plays the cool cat lead character. Considering what a lucky charm Washington is for most filmmakers, not to mention how good he’s been to Fuqua (whose “Training Day” set his career on fire), it’ll likely be a no-brainer decision.

The $50m film, set to shoot in Boston in the later days of Spring, is being designed as a franchise for Washington, who’s coming off an Oscar nom for his role as the plane-flipping alcoholic pilot in “Flight”.

Fuqua’s latest, “Olympus has Fallen”, opens across the states this week.