Fred Savage and Charlize Theron : At Long Last!


Former child star turned filmmaker Fred Savage (“The Wonder Years”) looks to have crossed over into the big leagues as far as making movies goes; the “Daddy Day Camp” director has been hired to helm a new Charlize Theron film called “Ladies Night”.

Savage seemingly impressed the powers-that-be with some of the TV – he’s done everything from “Modern Family” to “2 Broke Girls” – he’s directed in recent times.

THR says “Ladies Night” will star Theron as a woman who “when confronted with her longtime boyfriend’s inability to commit, decides to have one last night on the town with her girlfriends before uprooting her life and moving to New York.”

David Ellison, the big-time producer of films like “Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, is one of the men behind the film so it’s not some small movie either. Good job Fred!

The return of the ‘Savage’ boys this year – what with Ben returning in the “Boy Meets World” sequel series, too.