Exclusive : Bad Ass 2 Storyline, Shooting details


Danny Trejo’s back as sidewalk renegade Frank Vega in “Bad Ass 2”, which commences principal photography on April 15.

The sequel to the very entertaining 2011 picture – which told of a sixty-something Vietnam vet who saves some homeless people from an attack on a city bus – will again be helmed by Craig Moss, also the screenwriter of the pictures.

Taking a cue from the first act of “Beverly Hills Cop”, the sequel sees Frank going after the scumbags that murdered his friend Manny. Manny, whom Frank’s been somewhat of a father figure to, mentoring and encouraging the young man to make the most of a shitty situation and all that jazz, is walking thru the park during the evening when a slick Argentinian and two other nasty thugs take him down. Turns out the culprits are drug traffickers, under the protection of an Argentinian diplomat.

Though crushed, Frank’s not in a hurry to play hero – not until Manny’s mother gets involved; she believes Frank’s still on this earth because God wants him to do some good. Or kick ass. Or both. And so, off he goes – bat and all.

Playing sidekick to Frank this time around is a Bernie Pope, a hockey-loving loner dying from a rare form of liver disease.

Patrick Fabian (“The Last Exorcism”) is reprising his role as Officer Malark. Additional Casting underway.

Jim Busfield, Ben Feingold, Ash R.Shan and Moss produce the pic, which lenses in Los Angeles.

“Bad Ass” was a terrific film. Looking forward to the sequel!