Exclusive : Bully ‘Harley’ returns for Girl Meets World


Remember ‘Harley’, the lead bully on Disney’s “Boy Meets World”?

He was the bane of Cory’s (Ben Savage) existence throughout most of Season 2.

This guy :

Well, along with Cory, Topanga, Mr Feeny and whoever else Disney Channel have roped into a reprise for the sequel series “Girl Meets World”, Harvey “Harley” Keiner too will make a reappearance in the pilot – albeit a brief one.

Atypical of reunions, the bully isn’t enjoying life as much as he did back in his high school days – not know that he’s the school ‘janitor’.

Producers are currently casting the role, with the character due to debut in the pilot.

There were two actors that shared the role of Harvey ‘Harley’ on the series – Danny McNulty and Kenny Johnston. Neither are in the mix to play the older incarnation.

McNulty’s probably the actor most recognized for the role, since he played the character in every episode but the one Johnston replaced him in, and the only reason why he’s probably not coming back is because he seemingly retired from acting in the ’90s (McNulty’s last appearance as ‘Harley’ was on the show’s third season).

“Girl Meets World”, which stars Rowan Blanchard as Cory and Topanga’s teenage daughter Riley, started filming a few days back.