Tomb Raider Rebooted at MGM and GK Films


Paramount have lost the right to oogle at a buxom babe in a skimpy outfit atop a camel.

GK Films and MGM are the new owners, film-wise, of “Tomb Raider” and have announced – often-rumoured – plans to reboot the movie franchise. Angelina Jolie won’t be reprising Lara Croft.

GK Films, headed up by Graham King, pulled the rights to the video-game turned film franchise in 2011 from Square Enix Ltd., an interactive entertainment company, says THR.

A reboot of the video game hit shelves this months, so a film reboot makes sense.

All eyes will now be on who GK/MGM pick to be the new Lara Croft; whilst Megan Fox has long been the firm favourite to inherit the role from Jolie, she’s said a couple of times she wasn’t interested. Not that money hasn’t been known to change minds, of course.