Matthew McConaughey for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar!?


Hmmm, ‘Fool’s Gold 2’ or… a Christopher Nolan picture!?

Man, decisions, decisions….

Deadline says Nolan’s courting Matthew McConaughey, now more of a cinematic drawcard thanks to striking turns in the likes of “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Magic Mike”, to play the lead role in his new science-fiction flickster “Interstellar”.

A time-travel flick, exploring the intriguing facet of worm holes within the galaxy, the movie would feature the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Next Generation” (sorry, bro!) star as a cad named Cooper.

This could be the one that finally makes a big-time “movie star” of McConaughey who, what with ambitious tentpoles like “Sahara”, has been trying to get his cardboard cut-out at the back of Planet Hollywood’s drinks area for a while now.

Still, anyone else a little surprised Nolan hasn’t gone with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, his lucky charm of late? Or maybe cinema’s new Robin is busy exploring other caves?