Aussie Sophie Lowe to play Alice in Wonderland


Australia’s Sophie Lowe (“Beautiful Kate”) will sip out of a cup marked ‘Alice in Wonderland’ over on ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” spin-off.

Lowe, who has been auditioning relentlessly in the states for a while now (of the projects she’s tested for, I read she auditioned for “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”, losing out to, of course, Rooney Mara – tough competition!), was ostensibly the best girl to fall down Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz’s rabbit hole.

Also onboard the pilot : Peter Gadiot as Alice’s love interest, Cyrus. Michael Socha was announced previously, playing Knave of Hearts.

The Hollywood Reporter, who have the scoop on Lowe, say :

Lowe’s Alice is described as young but having lived a hard and long life and carrying those scars on her psyche. Underneath it all, she has a generous heart that she tries to keep hidden. Gadiot’s Cyrus, meanwhile, will play Alice’s love interest with a background shrouded in mystery. Still to be cast are the mysterious Amahl and the White Rabbit, which will likely be animated with voiceover.

Lowe’s other credits, aside from Rachel Ward’s amazing “Beautiful Kate”, include TV mini-series “The Slap” and the upcoming “Two Mothers”.

The “Once” spin-off will also feature, of course, The Mad Hatter; Sebastian Stan, who played the role on “Once Upon A Time”, won’t be reprising the part for it’s spin-off.