Fast & Furious 7 filming this Summer?


As soon as he’s done promoting May’s “Fast & Furious 6”, Vin Diesel’s seemingly headed back to the garage.

The actor says the seventh film in the series is due to film this Summer – about a month or so after the latest in the series hits cinemas.

“Filming begins this summer in LA, where it all started”, Diesel wrote on his Facebook page.

“Fast & Furious 6” and “Fast & Furious 7” have been designed to be a two-parter; there’s a big surprise at the end of the latest film – think ‘big name star’ – carrying over to the next. You can do a search in the box to the right to see what I’m referring to if you’re in a ‘spoilering’ mood.

It’s not confirmed that Justin Lin is directing, but considering he shot the last couple of films in the series it’s in all probability he’s back – not like the studio has much time to find a suitable replacement, even if they wanted to shake things up!