Bruce Campbell : Army of Darkness 2 & Crossover film in the works!


At Sony’s “Evil Dead” (remake) panel today here at WonderCon, it was reiterated that there will indeed – in all likeliness (guessing it comes down to Sam Raimi’s wavering enthusiasm) – be a sequel to it, but also a new sequel to the “Evil Dead” movies that Bruce Campbell’s ‘Ash’ featured in.

Campbell, a producer on the remake, confirmed he’ll be reprising Ash for a sequel to 1993’s “Army of Darkness” – if and when.

In addition, he believes there should be 7 (!) “Evil Dead” movies all up – three of the new ones, four of the old ones.

That hypothetical 7th movie would be a ‘crossover’ movie between the two “Evil Dead” franchises – those from ‘remake’ land meeting Bruce Campbell’s ‘Ash’.

All just talk, of course, but if Campbell – the one who usually laughs off the idea of another “Evil Dead” featuring his Ash character – is saying ‘yes’, then there might just be something in it.

More from WonderCon shortly.