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Paramount moving forward with G.I Joe 3

“G.I Joe : Retaliation” opens to $132 million on it’s first weekend of release

Not surprisingly, what with that $132 million dollar opening (not bad for a film that was delayed over half-a-year, and with all the talk online of emergency reshoots, had some “suits” worried for a while!) for “G.J Joe : Retaliation”, Paramount has decided to move swiftly on a third “G.I Joe” movie.

A Variety staffer revealed the news in a tweet. 140 characters didn’t allow him to expand on his scoop. At this stage one can only assume Dwayne Johnson (who is probably the sole reason for “Retaliation” for doing so well) and Bruce Willis, who is always a big draw-card when it comes to action, will be back to reprise their roles as Roadblock and ‘Joe’, respectively.

One thing the Variety staffer is certain of, this time the powers-that-be will design “G.I Joe 3” as a 3D movie from the get-go, rather than convert it into post after shooting.

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