First look at Under the Dome


“People’s eyes are going to bug out of their heads when they see it” – Stephen King

A ‘first look’ – which, in this case, means clips from some of the episodes interspersed with behind-the-scenes interviews – at Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” series is online. This is the same material us lucky WonderCon patrons got to glimpse over the weekend. This is definitely going to be one to watch (or record), if only because King himself has been very involved in the series; it’s a rarity that the author is asked to get so heavily involved in one of the adaptations of his books.

The 13 episode series, set to air sometime in June, features a great cast include Rachelle Lefevre (of “Twilight”), Mike Vogel (“Bates Motel”), Dean Norris (“Veronica Mars”), Britt Robertson (“Secret Circle”), and Keith Harris (“Big Fish”).