McConaughey confirms Interstellar


Matthew McConaughey has confirmed rumours he’s been offered the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s next, “Interstellar”.

The “Killer Joe” star has also revealed, in the same interview with The Star Tribune, he’s accepting said role in the time-travel science-fiction film. As if he wouldn’t. C’mon! It’s Nolan. No choice to make.

The plot specifics of “Interstellar” are being kept under wraps, but it’s said to involve worm holes in the galaxy that can transport folks to other times and dimensions.

McConaughey is on a real roll lately; in addition to notable turns in “Killer Joe”, “The Lincoln Lawyer”, and “Magic Mike”, he has upcoming parts in some big releases like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”.

No “Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past 2”, then Matthew?