Robert Downey Jr opens Iron Man 3 in Seoul Gangnam Style!


The ”Iron Man 3” promotional tour has kicked off in Seoul. Like the rest of the (un)civilized world, RDJ was unable to resist the urge to go Gangnam Style. The film opens on April 25 in Korean theatres, one week earlier than its US release.

“First of all I really want to thank the fans that came to the airport yesterday to greet me in Korea. I had a long flight and it was a very lovely surprise. It was like 10 o’clock and pretty late to be driving to the airport, and I just wanted to say I really appreciate it,” a jovial Downey said. “Sitting up here and we’re talking about this very successful franchise, and five years ago I really had no idea if it was going to be embraced by the public or not,” he said.

“And you know I play Tony Stark as this very brash, sarcastic, and confident guy, and I can be like that a little bit, but I find myself looking at these posters and sometimes kind of like wondering how this happened. My relationship with it has been one of a kind, with increasing humility and a lot of gratitude.”