Justin Lin not directing Fast & Furious 7


Justin Lin has retired from the “Fast & Furious” franchise – for the time being, anyway (it could be a retirement of a Jay Leno or Dolph Lundgren type where, after recharging his carburetor, he’ll be back for more in a years time). The director of the past three “Fast” films has opted not to direct “Fast & Furious 7”.

Since Lin’s “Fast & Furious 6”, out next month, is said to be the first half of a two-parter culminating in next year’s “Fast & Furious 7”, and more so, because the two films are being shot back-to-back, Lin was expected to retain his position as director. But in a surprise move, the filmmaker has let Universal know he won’t be directing the next film in the highly-profitable series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there hasn’t been any disagreement between Lin and the studio, nor the filmmaker and star Vin Diesel, it’s simply a matter of case of ‘too much, too soon’ (my words). Universal want the next film in the series in cinemas this time next year, with shooting to commence pretty much immediately, but Lin doesn’t feel he can do it.

Lin has essentially been making “Fast & Furious” movies since he arrived in Hollywood; as a result of his commitment to the franchise, he’s had to put exciting projects like “Terminator 5” (which he may or may not be still attached to) on the back-burner. He’s probably in need of a break from petrolhead movies, and if he’s not going to take a well-earned break from filmmaking, he’s probably going to go off and make something totally different (or that “Terminator” movie).

Universal is expected to hire a new director for “Fast & Furious 7” within the next week.