Apocalypse coming : A Haunted House 2 greenlit!


When I was a kid, whenever the local cinema would bring a movie back for a few sessions – a couple of weeks after its initial season had finished – they’d slap a “Back by Public Demand” sticker on the print ad. It made you feel as if you’d played some sort of special part in getting the film, whatever it might have been, back on the screens there.

Of course, it had nothing to do with the public. Probably had more to do with a lack of other films out there, a free screen, or an excuse to milk whatever was left out of the film’s ruby red teat.
I don’t know why I bring this up, really. But reading (over on Hollywood Reporter) that a sequel to this year’s “A Haunted House”, a spoof flick from Marlon Wayans, is in the works I can’t help but envision suits sitting around the table going ‘well, the public asked for it. Let’s give it to them.’

The public didn’t ask for it; some were unfortunately just suckered into see the first. Will they come back? Hard to say… though cinemagoers do seem to still love a good slab of dumb on occasion (that $40 million “A Haunted House” pocketed is proof of that!).

“A Haunted House 2” will be co-written and again star Marlon Wayans. Open Road Films have acquired the distribution rights to the movie, with IM Global’s genre label Octane financing. Production is due to kick off in the Summer.

Enjoy the sequel, fans.