Lone Ranger : New Posters, New Pics


Remember that time one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went off-the-grid, rebelling against the unit that he’d fought hard to become a trusted ally and member of!?
Well, that’s not what “Lone Ranger” is inspired by.

I know, sad.

Instead, Johnny Depp’s wearing eye shadow for a whole different reason. He’s Tonto, the titular cowboy’s trusty sidekick in Gore Verbinski’s filmish interpretation of the classic TV series. That’s “Social Network” twin Armie Hammer playing the Ranger, alongside Edward Scissorhands’ reservation man.

In addition to a new trailer (released April 17), Disney’s marketing machine is spitting out new images from the flick. Below you’ll find a selection of character posters and pics that hit Facebook overnight.

Whatever you’ve heard about the movie, forget it – William Fichtner’s part of the supporting cast; that man equals quality.