10 Breaking Bits


1. Walt Disney Pictures has acquired “Labyrinth”, a pitch by Larry Brenner “about the journey of the mythical princess who must enter the complex and dangerous Labyrinth to save her father.”

2. Tania Raymonde (”Lost”) and Scott Eastwood (“Trouble with the Curve”) will star in the proposed “Chicago Fire” spin-off, revolving around the Chicago Police Department.

3. AMC is looking to greenlight a spin-off of “Breaking Bad”, featuring Bob Odenkirk’s unflappable criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

4. Warner Bros has snapped up Daniel Kunka’s spec “The Bermuda Triangle”, for “Dark Knight” producer Charles Roven to produce.

5. A new trailer for HBO Films’ “Behind the Candelabra”, starring Michael Douglas as Liberace, is online.

6. Alec Baldwin might be up for a new talk show to air on NBC at 1:35 AM.

7. Randall Miller and Jody Savin will write and produce an adaptation of musician Greg Allman’s memoir “My Cross to Bear” which Miller will direct.

8. A new TV spot for “Man of Steel” hit the screens this week.

9. ”The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, set to launch on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia from May 1st, will be Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s first title in Australia and New Zealand to be released with UltraViolet. UltraViolet is an all-new way to collect, access and enjoy your movies and TV shows. It allows consumers to access their digital library from the cloud, instantly streaming or downloading their movies on a wide variety of devices including PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Its purpose is to enhance the consumer experience of digital movie ownership through added flexibility (multiple platforms), portability (take all your movies with you) and safety/security.

10. “Chronicle” writer Max Landis offered IGN an update on the long-gestating sequel. “The truth is when you have a movie that was as successful as ‘Chronicle’ was, it’s not as quick of a process. There are a lot more voices coming in and saying ‘This is what the sequel should be’ because there’s a bigger expectation and a bigger fear of failure. And that’s really what’s going on with ‘Chronicle 2.’ Josh (Trank) is directing ‘Fantastic Four.’ I’m doing a hundred other movies. ‘Chronicle 2’ has become this question of ‘How do we all make a movie that we all respect?’. And that’s true to what ‘Chronicle’ is. There’s no one at the studio who wants to make a bad movie. They all want to make a good movie just as much as I do. We’re not fighting.”