10 Breaking Bits

10 Breaking Bits

New “Hunger Games : Catching Fire” pic, Trailers for “Filth” and “The Way Way Back”, Cast added to “Eliza Graves”, “Trolls” at Dreamworks Animation, Tucci and more board “Heat”, Cornish heads to “Solace”, Simons “Draft”ed, “Apes” set pics, Ken Marino wants you to “Go the Fuck to Sleep”

1. DreamWorks Animation is harboring Trolls – oh, and in the film capacity, too! The studio has bought up the entire ‘Trolls’ line, and has “American Girl” vet Shawn Dennis overseeing the brand for the studio. “Trolls is a brand with over fifty years of deep heritage and we are thrilled to bring this iconic, multi-generational property to DreamWorks Animation,” said chief operating officer Ann Daly. “We have big plans for this franchise and Shawn Dennis is uniquely suited to lead this charge. She helped grow the American Girl brand into a household name and by bringing this expertise to Trolls she will introduce these characters to legions of new fans around the world.” An animated feature film is said to be in the works, for starters.

2. Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche and Cedric the Entertainer have boarded the Jason Statham-starring remake of “Heat”. My only question : Um, why Stanley!?

3. Aussie Abbie Cornish (“RoboCop”) has snared the female lead in Afonso Poyart’s upcoming film “Solace”. Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins are also onboard the film, which tells of a FBI agent and a doctor with supernatural abilities to track down a serial killer (trivia : It was originally written as a prequel to “Se7en”, with Hopkins now playing the Morgan Freeman role).

4. “Veep” star Timothy Simons has boarded the Kevin Costner football comedy “Draft Day”. With Diane Lane in the cast, I’m unlikely to notice anyone else on screen… sorry Tim.

5. The first set photos from “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” – or, as I’m sure Fox will retitle it shortly before release “Those Dawn Apes!” – are online. Mainly just monkeying around; feel free to have a squiz though.

6. I have something to fulfill those Hunger pains – and you health conscious pees, will be glad to hear I’ve switched the MSG for some JL. Gobble up this, eyes! Here’s the latest pic released from the “Hunger Games : Catching Fire” teaser (airing on the MTV Movie Awards this weekend).

7. Ken Marino and Eric Oyama are to adapt the amusing story “Go the Fuck to Sleep” – loosely based on the life of the guy who runs Moviehole, I hear.

8. Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess have joined Kate Beckinsale in ”Eliza Graves”, the promising new turn-of-the-century thriller… from the gang that brought you, erm, “The Expendables”.

9. The first trailer for “The Way Way Back”, which looks real, real good, is online.

10. The red-band trailer for “Filth” (here’s something you don’t want to be seeing googling at work!) is up :

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