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Batman producer doing Great S.Cape series

Ian Duncan will star in the title role of Stephen Cape

“Dark Knight” producer Michael Uslan is teaming with digital media company Blip on the new web series “The Great S.Cape”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 12-episode “film noir adventure” follows a magician/illusionist who becomes a private detective, the trade says.

Ian Duncan will star in the title role of Stephen Cape, “a magician and illusionist who applies his skills — and refusal to use a gun — to his newfound mission as a private detective. When he stumbles across the most insidious murder plot in Hollywood, powerful forces set out to stop him at all costs.”

Uslan will write and executive produce the series, which will premiere later this year on Blip’s website.

“The Great S. Cape! marks the triumphant return of the chapter-by-chapter Saturday matinee movie serial of old that was dominated by superheroes like Batman, Superman and Captain America,” said Uslan. “Original web series are at the cutting edge of the entertainment industry, and working with Blip I can reach audiences in new ways with more immersive characters and stories.”

“Working with such an esteemed producer as Michael Uslan to bring his new superhero vision to life is an incredible collaboration for us, and his plans to tap top comic book writers and devotees from the fan film world make this something truly groundbreaking,” adds Blip CEO Kelly Day. “The Blip audience is going to love the action, adventure and the return of the nail-biter.”

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