People Like Us


Action-man Chris Pine demonstrates his versatility as an actor, headlining a heart-warming family drama about a young man that seeks out the half-sister he never knew existed.

While back home for his estranged father’s funeral, businessman Sam (Pine) discovers a secret – one his mum (Michelle Pfeiffer) isn’t pleased about coming to light – : He has a half-sister (Elizabeth Banks), and as per his father’s wishes, she’s to be tracked down and given her share of the cash. Rather than simply arriving on the woman’s doorstep with a bag of loot, Sam decides to
get to know the woman and her young son. And why not? after all, they’re family.

A sweet film, although one that doesn’t drag a little in spots, “People Like Us” – the directorial debut of “Trek” scribe Alex Kurtzman – is mostly a showcase for it’s great ensemble, which also includes Olivia Wilde, Philip Baker Hall and Jon Favreau.

Extras : Commentaries. Insightful, Interesting.