Tom Cruise doing another sci-fi pic, Yukikaze


Having put bums on seats internationally – and likely to do the same this weekend when it opens domestically – with “Oblivion” this past weekend, Tom Cruise has decided to swim in science-fiction’s deep, colourful pool of visual cool for a while longer.

In addition to a second sci-fi film he has in the can, Doug Liman’s “All You Need is Kill”, Cruise has signed for ”Yukikaze”, a big-scale film based on a series of Japanese sci-fi novels by Chohel Kamayashi, says Deadline.

Yukikaze unfolds in the early 21st Century, three decades after the alien force JAM invaded earth through a dimensional porthole that appeared over Antarctica. While humans beat back the attack, they form a special combat force to eradicate the alien threat on its home planet.

Warners, who Cruise worked with on such flicks as “Interview with the Vampire” and “All You Need is Kill”, are financing and distributing the pic.

Cruise, back on top following his slight star tarnish following the Orpah couch-jumping incident a few years ago, has a busy couple of years ahead of him. In addition to the films mentioned above, he’s also set to do a fifth “Mission : Impossible”, has Guy Ritchie’s “Man from U.N.C.L.E” to do, and is mulling a sequel to “Jack Reacher”. Cruise is also attached to star in a spin-off of “Tropic Thunder”, based around his Les Grossman character, and had been flirting with a sequel to “Top Gun”, with original director Tony Scott, shortly before Scott’s passing.