10 Breaking Bits


1. Starz has already renewed “Da Vinci’s Demons” for a second season (but no word on Da Vinci himself, yet. Yeah, I know.. bad one. Sorry!) (THR)

2. ‘Life of Pi’s’ Suraj Sharma will join Jon Hamm in Disney baseball flick “Million Dollar Arm” (or, as it will be retitled for Indonesian VCD stalls “Angels in the Outfield 4”). (THR)

3. The pilot for “Zombieland” is now streaming on Amazon’s instant video service. A trailer for non-subscribers has been released.

4. David Lowery is writing and directing a flick-take on Brian Michael Bendis’ “Torso” – I imagine they’re referring to a graphic novel, not someone’s actual bod. (THR)

5. Horror comic “Rachel Rising” – apparently not a spin-off of “Friends” featuring a 50-foot woman – is getting the TV treatment via the Alcon Television Group. (THR

6. “Star Trek” star Clifton Collins is headed back to sci-fi land for “Transcendence”, the new Wally Psfister flick. The lucky devil gets to stare at Rebecca Hall every day on set. (Variety)

7. The first clip from “Kick-Ass 2”, featuring a stand-off between the title character and ‘Mother Fucker’, is online. I apologize in advance, but I’m about to swear : Jesus, this looks good! (Geeks of Doom)

8. Have we shown you what Electro from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” looks like yet? Oops, well here’s a set pic of Jamie Foxx in costume. And here, just for kicks, is Mr Freeze in “Batman & Robin”.

9. removed.

10. Is NBC’s “Heroes” returning? A new report suggests the show might return – as an XBOX platform series. Sadly, no word on a “Heights” venereal yet, which is a pity… guess we’ll have to settle for watching old YouTube clips of this online :