Will Smith in, Kristen Stewart out of Focus


UPDATE! : The Hollywood Reporter says Kristen Stewart has dropped out.

Will Smith is the new Ben Affleck – well, in the case of “Focus” that is.

The ‘Fresh Prince’ is playing the male lead in the con-artist comedy, starring alongside Kristen Stewart, says Variety. Ben Affleck was originally set for the film, from “Crazy, Stupid Love” duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, but dropped out – due to a rash, scheduling clashes, or fear of being upstaged by a “Twilight” cast member.

Smith plays a veteran con-man who takes Stewart’s young protege under his wing. Years later, they meet up.

I believe I read somewhere that there’s some ‘love scenes’ between the two characters in the film – – can’t quite picture Will and KStew going at it on screen, but it’ll help sell tickets, I’m sure.