What did we learn at Gold Coast Supanova?


I feel absolutely privileged to have been able to attend “Supanova Pop Culture Expo” that was held on Queensland’s Gold Coast over the weekend.  Sitting in on the many panels that were held, we learned many exciting things that I’m really excited to be able to share with you.

There were individual tid-bits of information that you will learn below, including some exciting upcoming appearances in feature films, and on stage.  There were also some things that were repeated by several stars, including that filming in Vancouver is a delight. That the stars love their fans.  That the stars read their fanmail. That when you do voice work, it’s cool because you can go to work in your pyjamas.

One lesson I did learn though: Do not tweet or look to be more interested in your camera when you are sitting on a Michael “Smallville” Rosenbaum panel, because you will get grilled. That being said, that man was absolutely hilarious. We were lucky enough to have two panels with Rosebaum on Saturday, and then a bonus on Sunday.


Sam J. Jones

At Seth McFarlane’s birthday party, Sam was asked him to appear in Ted 2.

“I think we’re talking about early next year, starting that. I’m thinking maybe Ted can move in with Flash Gordon, so he can help guide him through life. Ted might influence Flash the wrong way, so there might be a conflict there.”

As for “The Highwayman” – “I was surprised that it didn’t get picked up for another season. Actually, There’s talk about possibly bringing that back.”


David Hasselhoff

When you start off the panel questions with “No I did not sleep with Pamela Anderson. Yes I am a liar.” You know you’re going to be in for an interesting experience. I was excited to sit in on the panel for “The Hoff”. I went in expecting singing, and a lot of “Hoff” jokes. I got what I wanted, and more. Speaking about his singing career and acting career, and his daughters who have their own group “Electric Stiletto”. Hasselhoff is the most recognised name on the planet according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  So what’s in store for “The Hoff” in the immediate future? Norway’s Got Talent. He’s also on his way to London to negotiate “Baywatch: The Musical” which he says is going to be funny and “campy” – which he said he would probably get into trouble for telling us about.  He’s also attending the Cannes Film Festival to promote a film that he’s produced and starring in, “Killing Hasselhoff”.

So is there going to be a “Knight Rider” feature film? “The Weinstein Company” currently own the rights, so Hasselhoff wants to try and get in with them to do the film.

David Hasselhoff wants to open up his own chain of restaurants, “Hoff’s Hideaway”. I have some better ideas for names that I threw around with my friends afterwards, and Mr Hasselhoff if you’re reading, contact me and I’ll share them with you.


Rose McGowan

Originally getting into the business to put her siblings through college, the lovely Ms Rose McGowan has a kickstarter project starting soon. To find out more, make sure you’re following her on Twitter (@rosemcgowan). A funny story on set for “Scream”, Rose and co-star David Arquette used the limo from the set and “crashed seven homecoming parties.” McGowan has recently been signed by Dolly Parton’s Agent, and will be singing.


Julie McNiven

The beautiful Julie McNiven did not have an agent originally when looking for acting jobs, and it took booking AMC’s “Mad Men” herself to actually get signed by an agent. Working on Supernatural in Vancouver, she would laugh on set from 8am-8pm.  McNiven, who prefers “hand to hand combat” scenes, has aspirations to star on “Grimm” or “The Vampire Diaries”.


Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden stepped onto stage wearing a gorgeous Pink and Gold velvet top, with her trademark blonde “Jeannie” hair, and told us fabulous stories about her time on the set. Eden, who was “handed the role of Jeannie over tea”,  chose the colouring for her Jeannie bottle, and her dressing room (purple) and told stories of how she used to play Gin Rummy with Tony Randall, who would cheat by looking at her cards in a strategically placed mirror. On working with Elvis Pressley, “His momma raised him right.”. On being asked if she minded saying “Oh Master”, she said she didn’t, because “Jeannie was always in charge.” Eden told a story of being introduced to the “next President of the United States” and finding his phone number in her mink coat after the meeting.

Barbara Eden will be appearing at an Aids Benefit in Vienna shortly.


Michael Rosenbaum

Now… my notes for Michael Rosenbaum are a little sketchy, especially after he grilled me for being on my tablet. He was definitely the panel of the expo, for me personally. He should have his own television show he is that charismatic. Rosenbaum was asked if there should be a Smallville Feature Film, to which he responded that he isn’t too old to continue to play Lex Luther.  On the Sunday there was a Bonus Michael Rosenbaum panel when another panel was cancelled. Julie McNiven sat in on this panel, and even she didn’t escape a grilling from him, when she accidentally yawned at the exact moment that she was asked a question by him.


Adam Baldwin

Anytime you have a Firefly/Serenity star sitting on a panel – you are going to have stories of how much the cast and crew loved working on the set, and how much they love Joss Whedon, and how much they would all be back for a sequel (for the love of the show, not for the money). Adam Baldwin is on board if/when it happens. Baldwin would also love to see an animated “Firefly” series happen. Baldwin would love to work with Russell Crowe.  He was “cautiously optimistic” that a TV Movie he just shot (“The Last Ship”) for TNT will be picked up.

Now, for everyone that knows me (or doesn’t, but has read my bio at the bottom of my articles) I’m a huge X-Files Fan. Adam Baldwin starred in “The X-Files” in the later seasons of the hit Fox series as Knowle Rohrer. I asked him about his experience working on the show, and he told a story about wearing his “Super Soldier” neck prosthetic home, saying to his wife that he had a sore neck and asked her to take a look at it – to which she let out an almighty scream. Hilarious.


Natalia Tena

Natalia Tena (who lives on a boat!) spoke at length about her time on “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones”, about her music and shared that her makeup/styling session for “Game of Thrones” was the shortest styling session of her life. Physical scenes did not bother Tena while filming, as it’s “just a body”.  Many fans were asking about what was coming up on GoT, and Tena was very quick to say that she would not spoil it for anyone who wasn’t caught up. I was thankful for that because I’m one of the two people in the world who aren’t caught up.

Tena has two singles coming out soon, “Something for the weekend” and “Trouble”.


Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku, who did not originally aspire to be an actress was the “brat that tripped at her brothers audition and got the part”. Dushku came on stage and confessed to everyone in the panel that she had “the craziest stage fright”. Spoke very fondly about her roles on Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse. Also thinks that it would be “very cool” to see a True Lies sequel. Told us that she can be seen in the Disney TV Series, “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” as “She-Hulk”.   Also spoke about her mothers charity “THRIVE-Gulu” which is a “not-for-profit organization that is building and operating a trauma healing and reflection center in Gulu, northern Uganada, to support the emotional healing and rehabilitation of trauma victims of the Ugandan civil war through educational programs.” You can learn more about this charity at http://wp.thrivegulu.org/


Sylvester McCoy

I’m going to say this once, and I’m going to say it at the risk of being mocked/shunned as a nerd. I have never watched Doctor Who. However, sitting in on the Sylvester McCoy panel, seeing the enthusiasm from the “Whovians” has made me realise that I really need to change this. Although I think I might be biting off more than I can chew when I learned that there are like 50 years worth of Who to catch up on. Yeah.

Sylvester McCoy discussed the many various accents of the Doctors on Doctor Who, including his imitation if Billy Connolly was the doctor.  Very funny. On Acting: “The greatest joy on stage is hearing the belly laughter of a child, or making an audience cry.” He’s a fan of Matt Smith as “The Doctor”, and also said that any actor who plays “The Doctor” needs to have an eccentric personality.  A cool piece of trivia, is that Peter Jackson actually has Sylvester McCoy’s “Doctor” costume.

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