Exclusive : Flash Gordon’s back for Ted 2


We know the talking Teddy’s returning for the sequel, but what about that other teddy – lovely Sam J.Jones, the intergalactic space-hero who helped Mark Wahlberg’s protagonist cross one-thing off his invisible bucket list in Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted”!?

Will ‘Flash Gordon’ be returning for more? Or will another classic star from the ’80s be getting down with Ted come 2014, when “Ted 2” goes before the cameras?

While there’s always the possibility that another pop-culture icon may make an appearance, Sam J.Jones can safely say he’ll be back.

Speaking at Supanova this past weekend, Jones – who spoofed his “Flash Gordon” image in the 2012 hit – suggested he’s already onboard the sequel. MacFarlane asked him to return for the sequel at the actor/filmmaker’s recent birthday party, says Jones.

“I think we’re talking about early next year, starting that. I’m thinking maybe Ted can move in with Flash Gordon, so he can help guide him through life. Ted might influence Flash the wrong way, so there might be a conflict there.”

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