Exclusive : Hasselhoff wants to team with Weinstein’s on Knight Rider movie


There’s been talk of a “Knight Rider” movie for years – and not just talk of a small-screen reunion telemovie (there’s actually already been a couple of those; remember “Knight Rider 2000”?), but a full-blown big-screen film version of the ’80s series. But despite all the earlier talk, the project went quiet after the failure of the small-screen reboot in 2008.

David Hasselhoff, who played Michael Knight in both the original and recent small-screen reboot, says Harvey and Bob Weinstein still plan to do something with the “Knight Rider” brand and he’s hoping to get in on it.

‘The Hoff’, as he’s affectionately nicknamed is off to London to prep “Baywatch : The Musical” (we kid you not) but hopefully when he returns to the states he can convince the Weinstein Company, who currently own the rights to the old series, to get moving on “Knight Rider : The Movie”. And I think you’ll all agree ‘The Hoff’ needs to be part of that – – at least a small part of that.

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