Tatum, Gordon-Levitt for Guys & Dolls remake!?


Fox now own the rights to classic movie musical “Guys & Dolls”. Naturally, the first thing they do is ask “where’s the dude that played Robin in Dark Knight Rises, and the guy who takes his shirt-off a lot from that 21 Jump Street movie, right now!?”

Deadline says Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum are being courted for Fox’s redo of the Frank Sinatra/Marlon Brando classic, and by all accounts – there’s been no picketing outside the studio today, anyway – most seem happy with the picks.

A few years back, when the Weinstein’s had the rights to the film, there were plans to cast everyone from Russell Crowe to Vin Diesel (imagine both of those guys in the film!? Sheesh!) in a new version. No wonder nobody ever signed off.