Exclusive : Lundgren’s a super solider in Invincible


Dolph Lundgren and Ving Rhames will bump muscles in Canadian actioner “Invincible”, currently in pre-production under the guidance of writer/director Daniel Zirilli.

In what sounds like a crafty cousin to Lundgren’s own “Universal Soldier”, “Invincible” will feature the action icon – whose showiest role of late has been in the “Expendables” films – as an unconquerable science-experiment/killer created by the military using Nanotechnology that eventually stops taking orders. Like his character in the “Soldier” films, Brock Mason was a soldier before his reanimation, and just as Andrew Scott did in the former, this chap also gets loose and starts terrorizing the city.

Instead of another Universal Soldier going after him though, it’s a cop who is charged with the mission of bringing the big guy down. In a shootout with Brock, the detective is killed but is given another opportunity at life by way of the same invincibility serum that created Brock. Now, as strong and as powerful as his adversary, the cop hits the street under his super heroic new guise – ready to take down the previously unstoppable Brock.

Should be fun!

Filming on “Invincible” gets underway soon. Richard Salvatore (“Give ‘Em Hell Malone”, “The Big Wedding”) is among the film’s producers.