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John Ashton back as Taggart for Beverly Hills Cop series, too?

John Ashton back as Taggart for Beverly Hills Cop series, too?
Brooke Campbell

Looking forward to CBS’s “Beverly Hills Cop” series!? I am! I love those movies – especially Judge Reinhold’s funny, cute Billy Rosewood! – and welcome the chance to see the old gang again (Eddie Murphy’s reprising Axel Foley for the pilot and will likely guest-star in the odd episode). I also like it that the show’s emphasis will be on action and thrills, as opposed to being a straight-up cornball comedy; though, no doubt there’ll be some welcome laughs too!

The pilot is wrapped, and those involved are now just waiting around to hear whether the network are going to pick the show up, but there’s a fairly good chance it will – so much interest for it out there.

While Murphy and Reinhold will make appearances on the pilot, there’s sadly no John Taggart on the show (he wasn’t in “Beverly Hills Cop 3″ either) – – yet.

In a recent tweet, a follower asked the show’s creator Shawn Ryan whether or not we might see 65 year-old John Ashton reprise Taggart on the show. With Judge Reinhold reprising Billy Rosewood, it’s a fair-enough question, right!?

“I met with him in February and would love to use him in series”, Ryan says, suggesting a Taggart appearance might be on the cards for the CBS series, should it get picked up.

Ashton, of course, played Taggart in the first two “Beverly Hills Cop” movies; the actor didn’t return to reprise the role for the third film, and instead they brought in a new cop character to work alongside Axel and Billy, played by Hector Elizondo.

Ashton’s most recent credits include an episode of TV’s “The Finder”, as well as the films “Middle Men” and “Gone Baby Gone”.

There’s nobody into ’80s movies who doesn’t love John Ashton, am I right!? As such, let’s take a look at 5 classic ‘John Ashton’ greats!

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop II

She’s Having a Baby

Midnight Run


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