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Colin Firth offers an update on Bridget Jones 3

“There is a joy of doing those movies that keeps hope alive”

A year or so back, Hugh Grant – and to a lesser extent, co-stars Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth – put a third “Bridget Jones” film on ice by refusing to shoot what he essentially called a shite script.

The film, “Bridget Jones’s Baby” would’ve seen Zellweger’s frumpy Londer run back into the arms of charming sleazepig Daniel Cleaver (Grant) after some trouble on the home front with beau Mark Darcy (Firth). You can guess where and how the ‘baby’ comes into it.

And you might even see how that story turns out. Maybe.

Colin Firth seemingly shares Grant’s sentiments on the script not being up to scratch, and while he doesn’t write the project off, suggests it’s going to take some time for writer Helen Fielding to knock something decent into shape.

“Unfortunately, it might be a bit of a long wait,” the Oscar winner told The Chicago Sun-Times. “I wouldn’t say that it’s completely dead in the water, but the way it’s going you might be seeing Bridget Jones’s granddaughter’s story being told by the time we get there.”

Firth, whose latest film is “Arthur Newman”, seems to enjoy doing the BJ (that doesn’t sound right) films, but doesn’t want to just do a second sequel to the classic “Bridget Jones’s Diary” (sounds much more proper if I use the full title; sorry about the prior abbreviation) unless it’s a worthwhile one.

“There is a joy of doing those movies that keeps hope alive. And the story is going in an interesting direction. I just wouldn’t say that the movie is imminent.”

Peter Cattaneo is attached to direct the third “Bridget Jones” flick.

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