Joe Carnahan to direct Sugar Bandits


“A-Team” director Joe Carnahan (who recently exited MGM’s “Death Wish” remake over a disagreement with the studio over who should play lead Paul Kersey – they wanted Bruce Willis, he wants someone .. not so likely an action-hero) is in talks to direct an adaptation of Chuck Hogan’s novel “Sugar Bandits”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The project, which reunites Carnahan with “Smokin’ Aces”‘ home Universal, “centers on Iraq War vet Neal Maven, who is facing dead-end jobs and small futures in Boston. When he and some other soldiers team up in a scheme to rip off local drug dealers, destroying the product and grabbing their money.”

Carnahan has a thing for Liam Neeson, who he cast in both “The A-Team” and “The Grey”, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to suppose Neeson’s already in the mix to play Neal Maven.