Exclusive : Christopher Lambert going to XTreme Limits


That “Highlander” redo is still only on a quiet simmer, so it’ll be a while before we hear whether or not the original ‘Prince of the Universe’ has been approached to cameo (if only for a ‘tip of the hat’ sequence to please us die-hard fans), but meantime Christopher Lambert’s returning to the action-adventure realm for what sounds like a contemporary update of “The Running Man”.

“XTreme Limits”, from director Olivier Parthonnaud, will tell of a reality TV show that’s renowned for pushing it’s contestants to the max, but didn’t expect things to go quite as far as they have.. or will. This thing apparently has it all – yep, even flesh-eating beasts. Brian A.Levine (“Dead in France”) produces.

Director Parthonnaud, who hails from the short film world, likes to dabble in 3D – in fact, most of his past efforts have utilized the technology – and has won awards for his efforts, so it’s quite likely “XTreme Limits” will make use of a third dimension, too.

As a big fan of Lambert – my prized possession, among the VHS collection that adorns the shelves of my garage, is a mint-condition copy of “Knight Moves” – I welcome any chance to see the guy back on the big screen, let alone in something akin to the tone of his classics.. “Subway”, “Highlander” etc.

Lambert recently wrapped a supporting role in the Lorenzo di Bonaventura (“Transformers”) produced “Electric Slide”, starring Jim Sturgess and Isabel Lucas.