Inbetweeners 2 will be set in Australia!


Despite reports that the cast of TV’s “Inbetweeners” weren’t going to take Simon, Will, Neil and Jay back to the cinema, and that 2011’s “Inbetweeners Movie” was just a one-off, a report in today’s The Sun* (yup, OK, not exactly the Washington Times) would suggest a change of heart has been had.

A source tells the Newspaper that the cast, namely Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, and Joe Thomas, triggered at an idea that would see the foursome go backpacking in Australia.

“It wasn’t easy for any of the guys involved to call it a day after the last film. They were a tight-knit family and really missed each other when it all came to an end. The writers, DAMON BEESLEY and IAIN MORRIS, have been knocking ideas around for a while and came up with something they thought would be good enough to maintain the high standards they have set. They never thought all the lads would be up for coming back so soon as they have become big stars in their own right. But when James said he was game the other week, everything seemed to click into place.”

At the time of it’s release in 2011, “Inbetweeners Movie” stars Simon Bird and Joe Thomas told me that another movie wasn’t out of the question, but that a return to the small-screen was something they definitely weren’t interested in.

“I think that’s probably it for the TV shows”, said Bird. “We won’t do any more of those. You know, potentially, maybe another movie? There are talks but nothing concrete in that regard, though.”

So, there you go, it’s not that a sequel wasn’t something that was totally off-the-cards, it was just something that took it’s time to get moving. It all begins with an idea, as we students of the web know.

*Here comes the denial to the Sun’s story (Joking, but I’m also expecting it. Anything that quotes an “inside source” usually earns a rebuttal fairly quickly).