Frasier Crane is the villain of Transformers 4


His ex-wife’s lawyer might beg to differ, but Kelsey Grammer’s about to shake up his TV ‘nice guy’ image – something inherited through the umpteen years of playing Frasier Crane – with the head rogue role in Michael Bay’s next “Transformers” movie, according to Deadline.

Following his ruthless politician role on TV’s “Boss”, Grammer’s going complete bad-guy for the Paramount toy commercial; he’ll play Harold Attinger, a counter intelligence guy in the sequel, which Mark Wahlberg headlines.

Grammer’s not the first ‘TV Sweetheart’ to channel his inner bad guy for a “Transformers” movie, Patrick Dempsey did so for the third film in the series.

Grammer’s no stranger to film, having appeared in the likes of “Down Periscope”, “X-Men : The Last Stand” and “I Don’t Know How She Does It”, but “Transformers 4” is undoubtedly his glitziest cinematic gig in a while.

“Transformers 4” begins filming in July.