Here Come the Men in Black.. again.


Production issues aside, “Men in Black 3” pocketed lots of heavy-jacket change for Sony. No surprise that the studio would insist the franchise’s journey not be closed off with the threequel.
The Hollywood Reporter says a fourth film is in development, with “21 Jump Street 2” scribe Oren Uziel (sounds like a bad guy from a Japanese horror film) on scripting duties.

No word on Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, or for that matter “Men in Black 3” recruits Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson, but one would assume the earlier two would at least be involved in some capacity – even in a “passing the torch” scenario.

“Men in Black 3” may have made over $600 million worldwide, but Steven Spielberg and director Barry Sonnenfeld score a huge chunk of that so Sony probably won’t be too fussed if Smith or Jones don’t return – instead they’ll just market the film on the name alone… and new star Justin Bieber as Agent Bee.