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Tom Cruise has accepted another mission.

“Mission : Impossible 5″ is an official something-something, with Cruise agreeing to star in and produce another installment of Paramount and Skydance’s profitable climbing-man series.

According to Deadline – and anyone else in the know – “Jack Reacher” helmer Christopher McQuarrie is this latest sequel’s director, but nobody has confirmed that yet. A writer also hasn’t been announced.

Cruise, who judging by those high ticket sales on “Oblivion” is still very much a bankable star, has quite a few franchises in his grasp at the moment. Aside from the “M:I” series, he’s set to do a “Jack Reacher” sequel, had been developing a “Top Gun” sequel with the late Tony Scott (unsure what’s going to happen to that now, though), and Warners are hoping the Cruise-led “Man from U.N.C.L.E” will also spawn sequels.

“Cocktail 2 : Last Drinks” next?

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