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Spoilerific Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photos!

Don’t click if you don’t want a pivotal moment from the film/the comics spoilt for you


Any Spidey fan knows that, in the world of comics, the character of Gwen Stacy ultimately bites the dust by way of a nasty bridge fall.

When Emma Stone signed on to play the character in “The Amazing Spider-Man”, she mentioned one thing that appealed to her about playing Peter Parker’s first love was her eventual tragic end. Yep, seems she fancied being tossed off a bridge on film (and landing into an off-screen, heavily-cushioned mat below). Not that anyone probably promised her upfront she’d get to film Stacy’s bridge death sequence; after all, Bryce Dallas Howard played the character in “Spider-Man 3”, and when last seen in that film was alive and well. So, it’s possible Sony has no plans to kill off the character.

So…Stone’s back playing Stacey for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. The question most have been asking is, with Mary Jane Watson (played by Shailene Woodley) in this latest installment and with Emma Stone quite the big star now, does that mean Stacey’s demise might be coming?

Nobody’s talking, and likely there won’t be a confirmation until the film comes out, but these new set photos from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” do somewhat hint at the infamous bridge scene being filmed, don’t you think?

Photos : Superhero Hype

Still, while there is a bridge in the picture, and Stone’s wearing clothes that look very similar to what Gwen is wearing in the comic at the time of her death, I find it funny that the actress, let alone the filmmaker, would be so available to be captured by paparazzi photographer while filming what would be a pivotal, spoilerific scene. Surely they could have shot it on a sound stage or somewhere a little off-the-beaten-track, to deter photographers!?

Having said that, I do believe – what with Woodley in the film, and Stone’s increasing popularity – that this will be Emma Stone’s last “Spider-Man” movie. And yes, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if director Marc Webb will send Stacy off the same way the comics did.

You’ll know how it all ends up for cinema’s Gwen Stacy if you log onto Twitter sometime in May 2014, the month “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is released.

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