Ewan McGregor chooses life… and Jane Got a Gun


Third time’s the charm?

Ewan McGregor has replaced Bradley Cooper – and before Bradley, Jude Law – on Gavin O’Connor’s chick-headlined western “Jane Got a Gun”. The “Star Wars” alum will play the movie’s villain, opposite Natalie Portman’s gallant cowgirl.

Deadline broke the news of McGregor’s casting, reminding us he’ll be playing the leader of a gang of outlaws who make trouble for Portman’s character.

Natalie Portman plays the wife of an outlaw (Noah Emmerich) who leaves that gang after he gets shot up, and returns home. Knowing his former outlaw mates will come to finish him off and destroy her farm, Jane is forced to rekindle a relationship with a past love (Joel Edgerton), a capable gunman who can help her.

Though the film is already shooting, it wasn’t too much of a problem that Cooper needed to be replaced because the villain scenes are being shot later in the schedule.